Above: A studio recording of Over The Rainbow for Hilary Kole’s newest album, The Judy Garland Project on the MIRANDA MUSIC label, Produced by RICHARD BARONE

The Judy Garland Project is also presented in a concert format as Over The Rainbow: A Tribute to the Artistry of Judy Garland, in either a Jazz Quartet or Symphony Orchestra program.

Enjoy these additional video selections from both programs options


The man That Got Away

Stompin at the Savoy

Symphony orchestra selections

Anticipating a Valentine's weekend release date

Anticipating a Valentine’s weekend release date

What the critics say:
“…In the case of HILARY KOLE the Garland influence is most evident in the emotional intensity that she invests in her singing, the power of her voice that at times has a Garlandesque quality, and her choice of material. This is wonderfully captured on Kole’s latest album, The Judy Garland Project (Miranda Music). Kole has a much greater jazz feeling in her vocalizing than Garland ever exhibited, and that invests her interpretations of 15 songs associated with Garland with a distinctly Hilary Kole presence.”
“….This is a tribute to the glory of Garland by a superior singer who captures the spirit of her subject without resorting to any attempts to channel the original. Hilary Kole is captivating in her own way. ”

Excerpted from Jersey Jazz Feb 2016
(Journal of the New Jersey Jazz Society–
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