“Hilary Kole is the complete package. She has the voice, the beauty, and the grace of a star, and now with a return to the legendary 54 Below in NYC where only the legends sing for a one night only affair this Thursday, people will get to experience the total package. The journey has not been easy, with much of her personal life ending up in the press, but throughout it all, Hilary has maintained the class of a champion and things are going up for the incredible singer and songwriter.

Here “The Of Kamelot” sits down In The Lab with the beautiful and talented Hilary Kole to talk about returning to 54 Below after a critically acclaimed run last year, the personal trouble she has had to endure and how it has inspired her music higher, recording a song as a tribute to the Newtown tragedy, and she even performs “Goldfinger” LIVE. Make sure to catch Hilary on 02/28 at 54 Below, because it will be a heck of a show!” –Arthur Kade Feb 27 2013