The woman herself sang with dignity and wit and, most of all, an alarming beauty and passion...her future is solid. Trust me on this.
A voice to notice, and a performer who will endure and leave her mark just like the other legends: Ella, Sarah, and Peggy. Listen up and enjoy.
the hip and lovely Kole...A musical marvel, Kole swings with the best of them
Ms. Kole's poised, sultry ballad-singing has always been easy on the ears. But her smooth melodic lines have never been so consistently infused with literary subtext, which spells the difference between sounded pretty, and having something to say.
Here is a woman who could not be more stunning to look at, who has a smoky, rich and vibrant voice, and great musical chops. We can only surmise, but in Haunted Heart Kole set about to choose the songs she most loved and wanted to sing....The end result was an act of depth, feeling and connection. These were songs that mattered to her and she communicated that-sometimes with breathtaking intensity- throughout her performance. In the first place, she's got great taste. Her program was jam-packed with wonderful songs that were essentially lyric driven, giving her the opportunity to sell their sentiments not just with her voice, but with her soul....she was conversational, comfortable and bright. It was a breakthrough show. It will surely be back at Birdland sometime in the near future. This is the Hilary Kole we've all been waiting for.